mount tabor | 23 apr 22

Liminal Spirit Oracle Reading

This is the second time I’ve gone up to Mount Tabor Park to see what the genius loci might be willing to share with me. The first time was last Saturday, when I did a one sigil casting as a get to know you consultation, and I was directed to a big leaf maple, although I didn’t know that at the time. I had to walk around the park to find one that had been marked on this map to help me identify what kind of tree I had been hanging out with.

It turns out that it’s only a few days until the 200th birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted, whose stepson, John Charles Olmsted, suggested that Mount Tabor be turned into a park, even though it was outside of the city in 1903. It’s a good thing that folks listened.

I spent about an hour and a half today hanging out with this big leaf maple near the top of Mount Tabor and gathering all of the information to complete this conversation with the spirit(s) of the volcano.

It occurred to me that, rather than sitting in one place and casting pinecones or rocks or anything else, I could find unique groupings of flora and fauna in the area to get my numbers. This gave me a little more in-depth site analysis, which was a lot of fun, and gave me an excuse to put Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast to good use. I counted stems, groupings of rocks, holes in snags, and birdcall syllables, and per The Liminal Spirit Oracle, recording a single mark for odd numbers, and two for even.

e: bud | false solomon’s-seal

* huckleberry

* doug fir

* * dovecot geranium

* fringe cup

* ?

w: sprout | himalayan blackberry

* lily

* * tiny rocks

* woodland strawberry

* sticky-willy

* tiny plants

n: moss | small flat moss

* pinecones

* * red cedar holes

* daffodil(?) leaves

* * fringe cup fronds

* doug fir branches

s: cloud | cumulous

* * big leave maple saplings

* * big leave maple saplings

* * tiny bids

* dark-eyed junco

* bird trill syllables

I think the genius loci are saying that they’re excited for this new relationship, that it’s going to be productive. These energies/entities are all around all of the time, and a change in our relationship is for the good.

What do you think?

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