East County Rising

An Evening with Heather Booth

I was the project lead for planning, promoting and coordinating this event, which happened on September 28, 2019. We brought Heather Booth to Oregon for an evening celebrating women changemakers and educating the community on how to get involved in organizing. The event was held at Mount Hood Community College. The program was emceed by Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, and featured a panel that included Heather, Representative Tawna Sanchez, APANO Executive Director Chi Nguyen, and Oregon Working Families Party State Director Sydney Scout. We also screened the documentary Heather Booth: Changing the World and had a Q & A afterward.


Heather Booth is Coming to Oregon, MailChimp eNewsletter

Earned Media

One Year Anniversary

Earned Media

2019 School Board Races

Earned Media

Gresham Outlook coverage of East County Rising’s school board election night party.


While completing my Master’s in Creative Writing from the University of Brighton, I completed an internship with a local nonprofit organization providing mental health resources by and for the queer community. I co-managed and implemented the communications strategy, creating content for social media, their website, and MailChimp eNewsletter. I also developed the Queer Mental Health Hero of the Week series to drive more social media engagement and encourage people to visit the website.

Interview with a MindOut Trustee, MindOut website

Queer Mental Health Hero of the Week, MindOut website

Feature: Celebrating Barbara BellGScene, September 2018 (print and digital)

MindOut with PrideGScene, August 2018 (print and digital)

Marthas at Revolution Hall

I was one of the lead bartenders in Marthas, hired shortly after it opened to the public to help establish a regular clientele for the new business. After discovering my experience with social media management and event coordinating, I was asked to co-manage the Facebook and Instagram feed, as well as to develop an event series to encourage more business in evenings when there were not shows scheduled in the auditorium.

Just Movement

I developed a social media plan and style guide for a local business that offers circus classes to a wide range of students, with a focus on accessibility.

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